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Training for the changing healthcare landscape

Advisory Board On-Demand Courses are designed to close the knowledge gap on all things healthcare, including business acumen, terminology, market dynamics, hospital systems, and more. 
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Available courses


Hands down the easiest-to-understand explanation of pharmacies and pbms I've ever seen."
Product Director
…gives a great overall understanding. This enables a person to understand what they hear or see or read, connect the dots, and then ask relevant questions and/or grow. I am looking forward to more, if there is!"
Operations Manager
…simple, short videos…have found to be engaging. I already can tell I’ll learn a few new things in particular as it gets to later ‘episodes’ on topics I’m not as deeply familiar with like Life Sciences. Other topics that I’m familiar with already are brought to life in new context…. Use yourself and/or encourage team members newer to health care or in a new role to take a look."
VP, Marketing