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Level up your healthcare knowledge

Advisory Board On-Demand Courses is your all-access training pass to close the gap on business acumen, commercial and market dynamics, and management all within the context of the healthcare industry. Plus, all courses include supplemental content in addition to thought-provoking videos – including podcast links, cheat sheets, and data-driven articles. 
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About our On-Demand Courses

Advisory Board is a trusted partner to more than 4,500 healthcare organizations, providing strategic guidance and actionable insights that push the healthcare industry forward.

We have paired our advanced healthcare research with our learning and development expertise to offer new, on-demand training courses that are relevant to your business and easy to absorb. 

Who would benefit from On-Demand Courses

Sales, marketing, and customer-facing teams who need to quickly understand the healthcare landscape and client needs.
Clinical managers missing cost-saving opportunities due to narrow scope within the industry.
Senior leaders who are multi-tasking between staff training and business growth.

Early career hires and out-of-industry entrants who are looking to get up to speed and provide meaningful value in their role in healthcare.

Motivated career climbers that strive to be more effective in their roles.